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Language Instruction

With over thirty years experience, we can help you reach your goals.

Our Instructors
Our instructors make it possible for Lingual Institute to offer more different foreign languages than any other school in the Delaware Valley.

All have taught at universities in Philadelphia or in their native countries.

All have studied, lived and worked in their target countries, so that they share with you their indigenous customs and culture.

Instructing modes
Our classes are conducted by professional teachers only. We emphasize the teaching of conversation, immersing our students in real-life, every day situations, with audiovisual aids. You will receive personal and encouraging support as you progress at your own pace. Depending on your personal time availability and how fast you want to learn, you may choose from these modes:

Private Individual
At your level, at your pace, for your language purposes and interests

Semi-Private (two students)
Based on similar purpose, interests, level and time availability

Group (three or more students)
Must be pre-formed from friends or co-workers

Corporate Executive Program
for businesses with international customers. The program is designed
to your company's specific requirements, including the terminology of
the product or services involved, native business etiquette, customs
and culture. May be held on company site.

Our Students
Our students learn a foreign language for a variety of reasons:
-To advance their position in an international corporation.
-To serve their bilingual clients, in hospitals, law firms, social services
or government agencies.
-To prepare for travel abroad.
-Three-quarters of our students hold Bachelor's or higher degrees,
and half have Master's degrees. One-quarter have Ph.D. degrees.
-To prepare for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
or the new College Board ELPT (English Language Profiency Test)
-Lingual Institute can grant Continuing Education Units (CEU) for
professional advancement.

Why choose Lingual Institute?
-Over 50 foreign languages & English as a Second language
-Intensive instruction = less time spent and more money saved
-Scheduled around your availability
-Our location or yours
-Daytime, evenings or Saturdays
-Curriculum designed to fit your special needs
-"Tourist Talk" crash courses
-Semi-private and corporate classes also available

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