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General Info

Lingual Institute is innovative, adaptable
and accomodating to serve your needs!

Do you fit the following description?

        An international business person

        A student who must pass a foreign language

†††††††† †††competency examination

        An attorney whose practice includes non-English

†††††††††† speaking clients

        A business person responsible for relations with

†††††††††††† international colleagues

        A health care worker who needs to communicate in a

††††††††††† foreign language

        A traveler who enjoys mingling with the "locals"

If any of the above apply, we can help and are ready to offer you lower costs, higher quality and flexible scheduling.

-Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia
-International Visitorís Council
-Delaware Valley Translators Association
-International House
-Association of Proprietory and Public Language Schools
-French American Chamber of Commerce
-Philadelphia Convention & Visitorís Bureau

Our Clients
Law Firms and Engineering Firms
Federal, Municipal and Commonwealth Courts
U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Customs
International Marketing and Research Firms
Social Security Administration
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia
International Visitorís Council
Philadelphia Convention and Visitorís Bureau
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates
And others

Praises for Lingual Institute
A survey by students at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania concluded that Lingual Institute is "Philadelphia's favorite language school."

This was verified when Lingual Institute was named "Best of Philly" by Philadelphia Magazine, and "Top Deal" by Money Magazine.

A recent survey revealed: 80% of our students were referred by a friend or former student. 98% said they would recommend Lingual Institute to a friend.

We now offer instruction in 25 languages, including English as a Second Language, all taught by an adjunct faculty of 150.

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