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Lingual Institute looks at your goals, your time frame, your budget, and gives you a custom-designed course.

Some reasons for taking an ESL course
Does your career demands special language needs?
You choose the focus, we provide customized corporate and private courses to help you master the vocabulary, the insider talk, and the phrases you need to prove your expertise in your field here, in America, or when dealing with Americans. This new field is called English for Special Purposes (ESP).

Want to have fun, see the sights, and learn English? Try our new and innovative Adventures in American English Program.

Want to start a new career?
Click here for more information on our Certificate Programs for Teachers of English/ESL or Translators or Interpreters.

As an employee or employer or trainer, you can be proud of the English that guarantees career satisfaction, and the Lingual Institute helps you get there.

We are prepared to provide partial or complete programs that harmonize with the training offered by your own corporation or institution.

We specialize in private, semi-private and small-group instruction.

These are a few of our ESL courses
Adventures in American English
This course takes the international visitor/student from the basic classroom conversation into encounters with real life in America’s historic first Capitol City. In the living context of American supermarkets, restaurants, stores, sports, clubs, museums, and institutions, conversational skills are practiced in every day settings.
Each Unit is prepared first in the classroom, then connected with an excursion or media experience. In this new way, language is taught in cultural context, and the student is activated, entertained, and advances rapidly in confident, fluent use of English.
Accent Reduction and Listening Comprehension
These aspects are part of our usual English courses, but can become the focus of a concentrated course. Special attention is given to initial assessment, to the formation of American English speech sounds to questions of comprehension, fluency, intonation and clear speaking.
Public Speaking and Presentations
This concentrated course can prepare you for a particular presentation, or help you grow in speaking power, confidence and delivery when using spoken English in your career.
Telephone Sales and Customer Service
Let us help you develop smoother, more powerful communication in dealing with the public by telephone or in person. Learn the best tricks of the trade for success.
ESP – English for Special Purposes
These concentrated courses—individual, group, or corporate—focus on a particular aspect of spoken and/or written English, for instance: negotiation, business correspondence, English for the health field,for airline employees, for tourism, for banking and finance, for import/export, for computer technology. Available on or off-site, at your company or at the Lingual Institute.

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